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ResNet Cable Television and Internet Services

Students residing on campus at NSU have access to high-speed Internet services as well as a full slate of HD television channels.  The university works closely with our housing provider, Campus Living Villages, to ensure students have access to the technology resources they need to succeed.  While we are working very hard to standardize services throughout the campus, there may be some slight differences in the offerings between locations.  Please see your specific property below for details on the services provided.

Cable Television

Cable television service has been standardized across the campus and we are excited to offer a full HD channel lineup in all of the residence halls.  Service and support is provided by Suddenlink.

Reporting Cable Television Issues:

Call 877-694-9474 and choose Technical Support from the Main menu.  When asked for your address choose from the list provided below and include your room number.

UP1: 175 Sam Sibley Drive
UP2: 132 Sam Sibley Drive
UC: 200 Tarleton Drive
Varnado Hall: 100 Sam Sibley Drive

Please see the front desk in your residence hall if you experience a problem with reporting an issue.  Please remember, all equipment must be accounted for when leaving the residence hall each semester. All cable boxes, remote controls, and HDMI cables must be left in the room. Residents will be charged for missing or broken equipment.

Internet Services

Varnado Hall

The university provides and manages the Internet services in Varnado Hall.  Wireless access is available throughout the building and each room is provided 4 wired Ethernet ports for use with devices such as gaming consoles or Apple-TV and Roku type devices.  Residents wishing to connect wired devices are responsible for providing their own Ethernet cable.  These can be found at Wal-Mart and other electronics retailers.  We currently only support wireless devices that are compatible with the WPA2 Enterprise authentication protocol.  As a result, wireless printers and some network streaming devices such as the Amazon Firestick will not work.  If you have questions about a specific device or need to report an access issue please email or call 357-HELP.

The use of personal wireless routers or wireless access points is not allowed in Varnado Hall.  Users found violating this policy will forfeit the device and could face revocation of network privileges.

Connecting to the Network

 University Place 1 & 2

Internet service in University Place 1 & 2 is provided by Campus Living Villages through an agreement with CP-TEL.  Wireless access is available throughout both facilities.  For details on accessing the UP wireless network please contact the UP front desk or your Resident Assistant.  Problems or issues with access should be reported to CP-TEL support at 318-352-0006.  Wired ports are not available in UP.

University Columns

Internet service in University Columns is provided by Campus Living Villages through an agreement with CP-TEL.  An Ethernet port can be found in each bedroom.  Residents are responsible for providing their own Ethernet cables.  Wireless routers are allowed in University Columns but it is the responsibility of the resident to properly configure their device.  Problems or issues with access should be reported to CP-TEL support at 318-352-0006.