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Academic Majors

Students in the Louisiana Scholars’ College have the option to pursue one of 27 traditional majors or a Scholars’ concentration in liberal arts. Traditional majors allow students interested in particular fields to combine Scholars’ coursework and thesis with in-major courses from across campus. The Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts in the Scholars’ College, with a choice of six concentrations, offers students an interdisciplinary course of study that provides flexibility in course selection, allowing students to choose courses that fit their interests and career goals.

Liberal Arts (B.A.L.A.) Concentrations (820)

  • Classical Studies (820H)
    Classics is the study of the ancient worlds of Greece and Rome. Students study the Latin and Ancient Greek languages, and take courses on the history, culture, mythology, and philosophy of the ancient world. Careers: Researcher, Educator, Librarian, Lawyer
  • Fine and Performing Arts Concentration (820C)
    Students focus on one discipline (Art, Dance, Film, Music, Photography, or Theatre), but there is the space in the curriculum to take many courses in other disciplines of their choice. Careers: Artist, Actor, Dancer, Filmmaker, Photographer, Media Designer
  • Foreign Languages (820D)
    Students in this concentration will acquire advanced language skills in at least two languages. They choose from French, Spanish, and Latin. Study abroad opportunities are available. Careers: Translator, Educator, Researcher, Foreign Service.
  • Humanities and Social Thought Concentration (820B)
    This is the most flexible concentration. It has very few re-quired courses. Students may choose to focus their courses in one field from humanities (history, literature, philosophy, etc.) or social science (psychology, sociology, political science, etc.), or take courses from several different fields. Careers: Educator, Social Scientist, Historian, Librarian, Researcher
  • Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (820G)
    This concentration is modeled after a degree that was first offered at the most elite universities in the United Kingdom. It offers excellent preparation for law school, government work, or graduate school in philosophy, political science, or eco-nomics. Careers: Lawyer, Politician, Educator, Economist, Public Administration
  • Scientific Inquiry Concentration (820A)
    Students interested in science and medicine will pursue this concentration. It provides courses required by medical professional schools. Research internships are available. Careers: Doctor or other healthcare professional, Research and Industrial Scientists, Educator

Accelerated Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts with a Concentration in Humanities and Social Thought (820B) and Master of Arts in English (529)

Scholars’ Joint Major Programs

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