LSC Faculty

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Dr. Kirsten A. Bartels
Dr. Kirsten A. BartelsDirector, Associate Professor
Areas of Specialization
Dr. Holly Stave
Dr. Holly StaveAssistant Director, Professor of English
Areas of Specialization
Dr. Massimo Bezoari
Dr. Massimo BezoariRichard E. Lounsbery Professor of Chemistry
Areas of Specialization
Dr. Margaret E. Cochran
Dr. Margaret E. CochranProfessor of Ecology and Mathematic
Areas of Specialization
Dr. Keith Dromm
Dr. Keith DrommAssociate Professor of Philosophy
Areas of Specialization
Dr. William Housel
Dr. William HouselAssociate Professor of History
Areas of Specialization
Dr. Rondo Keele
Dr. Rondo KeeleAssociate Professor of Philosophy
Areas of Specialization
Dr. Dean Kostantaras
Dr. Dean KostantarasAssistant Professor of History
Dr. T. Davina McClain
Dr. T. Davina McClainProfessor of Classics
Areas of Specialization
Dr. Alexei Muravitsky
Dr. Alexei MuravitskyProfessor of Mathematics
Areas of Specialization
Dr. Curt Phifer
Dr. Curt PhiferProfessor of Biology
Areas of Specialization
Dr. James Picht
Dr. James PichtAssociate Professor of Economics
Areas of Specialization
Dr. Lisa Wolffe
Dr. Lisa WolffeProfessor of Romance Languages
Areas of Specialization

Louisiana Scholars’ College Advisory Board

Chair: Crystal Mallett (2005, Elementary Education)Gifted Teacher at Pineville High School, Pineville, LA

Vice Chair (and Chair-elect): Matt Burroughs (2006, Humanities and Social Thought) Staff Attorney at Mental Health Advocacy Service in Shreveport, LA

Elizabeth (Beth Ann Pryor) Thurman (2009, Business Administration and Accounting) Senior Accountant, Blazek and Vetterling, Houston, TX

Michael Griffin (2007, English) PhD candidate in English Literature at LSU

Kenny Homann (2001, Physics) Biophysicist, University of Texas Health Science Center, Houston, TX

Evan Taylor (1992, Fine and Performing Arts) Creative Director, Incite Interactive, Dallas, TX

Thesis Topics/Research Interests