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Explore LSC

  • small student/faculty ratio (all faculty have a PhD)

  • student-centered, seminar-style classes

  • overseas study options

  • substantial scholarships

  • out-of-state fee waivers

  • a community of faculty and students excited by the pursuit of knowledge.

Praise For Scholars’ College

It is also in the interest of the nation, the state, and the individual to have an intense program for gifted scholars who wish to maximize the depth and breadth of their education. Each university should, by this criterion, have a Scholars’ College, and Northwestern State University of Louisiana is to be commended for its leadership role. I would suggest that Harvard, Yale, Stanford, and their ilk take a good look at what’s going on in Natchitoches.

Dr. Harold Morowitz, Robinson Professor of Biology and Natural Philosophy
George Mason University

At Scholars’ I learned that communication skills and independent thinking are the key to success in any occupation. The curriculum at Scholars’ reinforced this through the thesis project and many courses that encouraged independent critical analysis. If I had attended another university and simply pursued a biology degree, my perspective in medical school would be very narrow. The medical school curriculum does not allow much time or opportunity for literary or cultural education; however, the curriculum at Scholars’ trained me to seek out these opportunities on my own.

Melody Heiskell (2002), Medical Student
LSU Health Sciences Center, New Orleans

Scholars’ was a very intense and intimidating experience. As a freshman, I doubted that I was capable of completing such a rigorous curriculum. However, Scholars’ (as promised) provided me not only with the necessary knowledge and skills that prepared me for law school, but more importantly the confidence to believe in myself, my knowledge, and my potential.

Robin Samson (2002), Law Student
University of Mississippi School of Law Scholars’ Day

2020 – 2021 Scholars’ Viewbook

Academic Majors and Concentrations

At Scholars’ we have six concentrations to our Liberal Arts degree and over 23 traditional majors available. Check out our full list of academic majors and concentrations.

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