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School Readiness Tax Credits

School Readiness Tax Credit Requirements for Teachers and Directors

Here’s great news for directors and teachers at Louisiana’s Quality Start Child Care Centers. If your center participated in Quality Start, then you may be eligible to apply for the SRTC. Eligible teachers and directors must meet all of the educational requirements (Level I – IV corresponds to Teacher I-Master Teacher on Classroom track or Director I-IV on Administrator Track) and must have worked at least 6 months of the calendar year at the same child care center.

In order to claim this credit you will have to file a federal and state income tax return, even if you do not owe any taxes. On or before January 31st of each year, you will be mailed a tax form from the Department of Education (via Louisiana Pathways) that states the level of training and education you have achieved (Level I-IV). You must submit or maintain the certificate as required by the Secretary of the Department of Revenue in subsequent forms and instructions.

Care Staff Qualification 2020 Credit Increase  Credit for 2021
Level Four Director or Level Four Staff $3,574.00 $42.89 $3,617.00
Level Three Director or Level Three Staff $2,979.00 $35.75 $3,015.00
Level Two Director or Level Two Staff $2,383.00 $28.60 $2,412.00
Level One Director or Level One Staff $1,788.00 $21.46 $1,809.00