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Trainer Approval System

The Trainer Registry is a component of Louisiana Pathways Early Learning Center Career Development System and the Louisiana Early Learning Center Licensing Regulations. The registry identifies individuals who have been reviewed and approved to provide training and continuing education clock hours to Early Learning Center staff in Louisiana.

In order be a part of the Louisiana Pathways Trainer Registry, a trainer must apply for and receive trainer approval. Trainer approval and level is determined by the professional experience and education level of the trainer. Once approved, Pathways trainers are eligible to provide training that qualifies as continuing education clock hours for teachers in early learning centers, as required by the Licensing Division. It is a requirement that all training used to meet the annual continuing education requirements must be provided by a Pathways approved trainer.

The Louisiana Pathways Trainer Registry maintains documentation on approved trainers by name, location, work, educational background, areas of expertise, approval expiration dates and any evaluation information.

The Registry provides referrals to help program administrators, professional development staff, training planners and others connect with trainers across the state for workshops, conference presentations and other continuing education opportunities.

Effective March 20, 2017