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Trainer Orientation

Louisiana Pathways Trainer Orientation is required for all independent trainers who conduct training for licensing credit for early care and education providers. This orientation is designed to provide a working knowledge of the Pathways system and their responsibilities as a Pathways approved trainer. There is no charge for the orientation. Once the Final Assessment is satisfactorily completed, a certificate will be sent to document completion.

Assignment 1
Overview of Louisiana Pathways Early Learning Center Career Development System

Click on the document below to read about the system.

Assignment 2
Career Development Section

Click on the document below to read an overview of the Career Development Section.

An individual’s level on the career ladders is based on the information submitted to Pathways and must be verifiable. For each level, there are three columns: Training and Education Requirements, Experience Requirements and Professional Activity Requirements. To be placed at a particular level, a member must meet or exceed the requirements in all columns. Members are placed at the highest level where all requirements are met.

Click Teacher Track ladder document below for early care and education employees. Note that the Classroom Track provides steps for increased levels of skills and knowledge.

Click the Administrator Track ladder document below for directors and assistant directors. Director III and Director IV levels may require the Pathways Administrator Certificate which requires a specified amount of training in five areas necessary for the successful operation of an early care and education program. The second page of this document details requirements for this certificate.

Click the Family Child Care Track ladder document below for family child care home providers.

Click the Professional Activity Requirements document below for the professional activity requirements on the Pathways career ladders.

Louisiana Pathways plays an important role in the School Readiness Tax Credits for Directors and Staff.  Click the Pathways and the School Readiness Tax Credits below to learn about Pathways’ role in documenting eligibility for the School Readiness Tax Credits for Directors and Staff.

Assignment 3
Scholarship Section

To be eligible for Louisiana Pathways’ scholarships, an individual must be enrolled and active in Louisiana Pathways and have current verified employment at a Type III Early Learning Center as the:

  • director,
  • assistant director,
  • lead teacher,
  • or assistant teacher
  • OR be a CCAP registered Family Child Care Home provider

Click the Scholarships Available to Pathways Members document below to learn about the various types of scholarships available to individuals who work in early care and education programs.

Assignment 4
Trainer Approval Section

All training used for annual requirements through the Division of Licensing must be provided by a Pathways approved trainer. Revised Qualifications and Application Process went into effect September 1, 2015.  Examine the Qualifications for Trainer Approval document below to review trainer qualifications

In order to become a part of the Trainer Registry, an individual may register in one of two ways:

  • The following individuals are eligible for the FastTrack Trainer Application process:
  • School Board Staff or Teachers,
  • LA Department of Education Staff,
  • LA Department of Health and Hospitals staff from one of the following offices: Health Promotions Team, Bureau of Family Health, Bureau of Primary Care and
  • Rural Health, WIC, or Childrens with Special Health Care needs
  • Early Steps Staff/Contractor,
  • Community Network Lead Agency Staff,
  • Trainer/TA for Resource and Referral Agency,
  • Head Start Staff,
  • Consultant from an approved LDE Contractor,
  • CLASS Special Learner Initiative
  • Other Initiative/Program Approved by LDE
  • Representative from Tier 1 Curriculum company
  • Early Childhood Ancillary Certificate Program (BESE Approved)
  • Director or Assistant Director of a licensed Type III Early Learning Center at Pathways Director I level or higher (subject to verification), and
  • Lead Teacher at a licensed Type III Early Learning Center at Pathways Teacher I or higher (subject to verification & recommendation of Director).

Click the LDE FastTrack Trainer Processes document below to view processes for FastTrack Trainers

All others should complete the Independent Trainer application process. Click the Independent Trainer Processes document below to view processes for Independent Trainers.

The name and approval expiration date of all Pathways approved trainers arepublished on the Approved Trainer Verification List as a reference. No contact information is included on the verification list. Trainers who wish to be referred to others as potential training providers must give permission to publish their contact information on the Approved Trainer Referral List.  Approved trainers must sign a Trainer Agreement Form (available below) verifying that they understand and agree to the provisions found in the Louisiana Pathways Trainer Procedure Manual (also available below). See the documents listed below for for a Summary of Trainer Responsibilities.

Assignment 5
Pathways PowerPoint Summary

View the Pathways Trainer Orientation PowerPoint document below to review the information in this orientation.

Once you complete all of the above assignments, take the assessment by clicking on this link final assessment. You will receive a certificate of completion and Pathways will verify in your file that you have completed this requirement.

You will not receive confirmation from the system that it has been submitted, but when you click to submit your answers, it will be submitted.  There is no need to send it repeatedly.

You do not have to send a copy of your Pathways Trainer Orientation Certificate to us.