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Teacher Certificate

The Louisiana Pathways Early Learning Center Career Development System recognizes you as a professional. Enrolling in the system enables you to receive recognition and rewards along with personal satisfaction of improving your skills in working with young children. The requirements of the Louisiana Pathways System lead to the nationally recognized Child Development Associate Credential (CDA) or other approved credentials, diplomas, or certificates. Being a part of the system helps you chart your progress and select training to ensure that you have a well-rounded background in skills while you work toward the CDA or CDA renewal.

Objectives of the Caregiver Certification System

  • to provide a core knowledge base for caregivers to build upon as they continue up the career ladder to recognition and rewards;
  • to raise the level of training for all practitioners so that Louisiana will have personnel who are prepared to work effectively with children;
  • to recognize and show appreciation to caregivers who take their training seriously and want to improve their practice with children;
  • to support the achievement of specialized knowledge relevant to the ages of children for whom care is provided;
  • to provide scholarships for training and education to promote caregivers to become responsible for their own training and select early care and education as a career.