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Approved Trainer Referral List

The Approved Trainer Referral List is a list of approved trainers who wish to be referred to others as potential training providers. This list includes first and last name, city, parish, CLASS reliability information and email address. This information is released for referral purposes only and with the permission of the trainer.

If at any time, a trainer wishes to be removed from the Approved Trainer Referral List, he/she may submit a written request for removal via mail or Email.

Approved Trainer Verification List

The Approved Trainer Verification list includes names and approval expiration dates for all current Pathways approved trainers. This list is for the reference of licensing surveyors, Resource and Referral agencies, Community Networks and others who wish to verify approval status. No contact information is included on the verification list. The list is current as of the date at the bottom of the page. Please contact Louisiana Pathways with any questions regarding a trainer’s approval (1-800-245-8925).