Scholars’ Alum Self Wins First Prize

· · Scholars’ Alum Self Wins First Prize

Winners of the prestigious international Search for New Musicals were announced Nov. 15, 2021, at New Musicals Inc. in Los Angeles. First prize went to “The Foursight Saga” with book by Wayne Self, lyrics by Wayne Self and Scott Wilkinson, and music by Scott Wilkinson.

“The Foursight Saga” is a time-travelling musical for two performers and nine characters, telling the story of a scientist who invents a way to go back in time to stop herself from entering into a failed marriage, but then sets off a series of time-lines that fold in on themselves until the ill-fated couple can find their way out.

“The Foursight Saga” will receive a virtual workshop at NMI in the winter and spring, hopefully followed by a concert reading at the 2021 Hollywood Fringe (COVID permitting).