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Informal Course Reviews

If you would like to receive feedback on an online course that you have developed, you may submit your course for an informal review that utilizes the Quality Matters standards.  Quality Matters is a nationally recognized set of standards for online course quality.

If you would like to know more about Quality Matters, you can start with Why QM?

The process for completing an informal internal review is as follows:

  • When you are ready for a review of a course that you have developed, fill out the Review Request form and email it to Typically, initial course reviews are completed within three – four weeks after submission of the request.
  • You will receive detailed feedback, especially for standards that your course does not yet meet.
  • After you receive feedback, you will revise the course and resubmit for a second review.
  • When your course meets the standards, you will be issued the Quality Online Course badge.

If you would like a fully annotated copy of the Quality Matters rubric, request one by email to

Since NSU is a QM subscriber institution through the Louisiana Board of Regents, faculty can access tools and information available on the QM site. If you would like to complete a self-review of a course, you may log into the QM Course Review Management System.  Here you will see the complete rubric, along with annotations, and you have the opportunity to determine whether your course meets each standard and make notes about what revisions you may need to make.  In order to use the system, you will first be prompted to create a MyQM account.  A MyQM account will grant you access to many of the resources on the Quality Matters site.