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In our ongoing effort to improve professional development, ECE uses a micro-credentialing system in which badges are issued for attending live workshops through ECE as well as completion of assignments associated with some workshops.


To earn a badge for professional development, attend a professional development workshop offered through ECE. Some workshops will require the completion of an assignment before the badge is awarded. For example, after a faculty member attends the Rubrics Workshop, they will be enrolled in the ECE Professional Development Moodle course to submit a rubric for evaluation. After the rubric passes evaluation, the badge for the Rubrics Workshop will be awarded. Assignments can be completed within two weeks of the live workshop. The badge will then be sent to the faculty’s NSU email address. To accept the badge, click through the email and create an account on the platform. The badge will be added to your library and can be shared to multiple social sites and portfolios. Read more about this process in the Resources section below, or email ECE at

Professional Development available through ECE

Below is a list of workshops that ECE is currently offering. Click on the workshop badge icon to see what is covered in each session. Various workshops are offered each month, and current schedules can be found on the Upcoming Sessions page or in Messenger every Monday. If you are interested in a workshop and it is not on the schedule, contact us and we will work to schedule it soon!



in Moodle

Creating Quizzes in Moodle

Managing Your Gradebook

Gradebook: Mid-Term/Finals Edition

Sharing Content in Moodle

to the Max

Personal Room

Webex Training Center

Office Programs


Excel: Organizing Your Data

PowerPoint Fundamentals




Word Styles



Teams Meetings


Course Design


Alignment in the Online Course

Assessment & Measurement

Course Overview & Introduction



Course Design Best Practices

Facilitating Online Communication

Measurable Objectives in an Online Course

Engagement Tools for Synchronous Courses

Various Programs

Adobe Acrobat Fundamentals


Master Course Creator Series

The Master Course Creator is a series of workshops that introduces key aspects of creating high quality online courses. These workshops require completion of an assignment before the badge is issued. They are presented individually, but to earn the Master Course Creator Badge participate in all the workshops listed in the series within a three-year span and complete the design of a quality online course.

The requirements of the MCC program are as follows:

  • Accessible Documents
  • Alignment in the Online Classroom
  • Assessment and Measurement
  • Course Overview and Introduction
  • Educational Video
  • Managing Your Gradebook
  • Measurable Objectives in the Online Course
  • Rubrics
  • WebEx Personal Room
  • Quality Online Course

Download a checklist of these workshops and related assignments in the resources section below and contact us for more information.